UCMP’s summer adventures (cont.)

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support vessel R/V Western Flyer studying the biology, geology, and chemistry of a radically different body of water—the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) in Mexico. Karen spent 40 days with the ship, studying a particular group of isopods that look somewhat like spiders. These munnopsid isopods were extremely abundant in the water column between 1000 and 3200 m in depth. She was able to video many in situ behaviors never witnessed before including feeding, intraspecific interactions and interactions between the isopods and other animal groups. The group spent most of the days working the remotely operated submersible in the water column, collecting upper water column animals, and observing the hot vents and the water column above them. For more information on the expedition see this MBARI webpage.
Dave Smith enjoyed a 15th straight summer of fieldwork, this time in northern

Des Maxwell crew excavates sauropod bones
Volunteers with a group led by UCMP research associate Des Maxwell establish the presence of a sauropod bonebed. (photo by Dave Smith)

  Karen Osborn (right)
At top, Christy Herren (left) and Karen Osborn (right) teach Shane Anderson how to photograph animals through the scope. In the background you see recently collected data posted on the wall and the submersible Tiburon and its crane through the window. (photo by Steve Haddock)

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