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Amy Lesen will begin a tenure-track biology faculty position at the Pratt Institute in September.

Martha Lopez-Forment finished her Ph.D. in August and has returned to Stuttgart where her husband has a position in the University there.

Liz Perotti received the 20022003 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award from the department of Integrative Biology.

Nick Pyenson received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support his work on cetacean evolution.

Emina Begovic and Scott Nichols decided a lifetime joint research project has merit and got married last April!


Other news

Carole Hickman was an invited speaker at the Modern Microscopy/Scanning 2003 meetings in San Diego in a session on “Museum Applications of SEM.”

Jere Lipps and graduate students Sarah Rieboldt and Curtis Pehl presented a paper at the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO) meeting in Houston June 12–14.

Kevin Padian spent June in Paris as an Invited Professor at the National Museum of Natural History, where he and Philippe Taquet worked on pterosaurs, Cuvier, and “other fun stuff.”

Jim Parham is working with Dr. Igor Danilov, a past Welles’ fund recipient, to organize the Symposium on Turtle Origins, Evolution and Systematics to be held at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia in August, 2003.

August, 2003

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