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Each of these sections offers multiple levels of detail, case studies, links to additional information, and direct connections to teaching lessons and strategies.
Teaching Evolution focuses on resources for the classroom. A searchable database provides access to high quality lessons by grade level and topic, and all lessons are aligned to specific concepts that are articulated as strands throughout grades K–12. In addition, we offer teaching strategies for teachers who may face possible “roadblocks” to their teaching. A section entitled Potential Pitfalls identifies areas where student confusion may arise and there is a section offering links to additional resources.
Please join us and explore this rich resource, now available at http://evolution.berkeley.edu and stay tuned.
Understanding Evolution is only one of three sections to be developed. We are now working on additional components for the site focusing on two additional audiences: K–12 students and the general public.

  Defining Speciation page
One of the many pages in the Evolution 101 section. This one tells a story of speciation.

January, 2004

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