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Anna Thanukos graduated from UC Berkeley in 2002, with a Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education and an M.A. in Integrative Biology.
Anna Thanukos
Her master’s thesis was on phylogenetics and her Ph.D. research was about evolution education (students’ conceptions of natural selection in different organisms). As a Posdoctoral Associate, Anna works on the UCMP Understanding Evolution web project, writing content and educational materials for the site. “This is a great job for me because (a) it combines my two research interests; (b) I get to work with great, interesting, smart people; and (c) I’m interested in doing more science writing for popular audiences and this job is giving me lots of practice!” Anna describes her ideal job as “doing some writing and some teaching, with lots of chances to learn about new stuff going on in biological research. I’m not sure where that would land me—maybe at a research museum like the UCMP or AMNH, or teaching at a smaller college. We’ll see!”


The Friends of UCMP
The Friends of UCMP are an important part of the broader UCMP Community. Their generous donations help to support our research, education, and public outreach programs. Funds are used to finance numerous activities including summer field research for students and curatorial faculty, attendance at professional meetings, web maintenance and expansion, teacher professional development, and community service projects. This summer, UCMP will undertake a special archival project to capture much of the history of our museum, its research, caretakers, and benefactors during the past 150 years. This effort will be supported by the generous contribution from the Mary Rose Peck Trust (see UCMP News January 2004).
Take a look at our list of new or renewing Friends. We hope to see your name added to the list in the near future.

UCMP Volunteers
We are grateful to all of the volunteers who have assisted us in tasks from the most ordinary to the most technical. Currently our volunteers include:
Dawn Peterson, a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences, and Virginia Friedman, a

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