Sharing our science (cont.)

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Reservoir? This exhibit will soon be up on the UCMP website, so stay tuned! Equally popular were the tours through the collections, the fossil picking activities, and an exhibit on ancient reefs of California and Nevada. This year’s Paleo Lecture was on the potential for life on other planets, presented by Jere Lipps.

The 'Fossils Beneath Our Feet' display
At the “Fossils Beneath Our Feet” display, which featured fossils found all over the East Bay, student Sterling Nesbitt (right) shows two young paleontologists a limb bone from a fossil bear found in Pancheco. (photo by David Smith)

Student Tours
Several of our graduate students have taken on the role of docent to take a break from their studies and share our museum with a much younger audience (see photo of one such grad student in action, above right).

  Nick Pyenson with young visitors
Grad student Nick Pyenson and some young visitors, Alexander, Sharp, and Katia, do their T. rex imitations. (photo by Pamela Estes)

Exploring New Technologies
The DLESE-CA Pilot is a collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation to create exemplary collections of digital resources for use in teaching specific concepts about Earth

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