Tidbits (cont.)


Special congratulations to our 2004 graduates:
Emina Begovic, who will be continuing her work on patterns of speciation in nearshore marine gastropods and teaching a course on marine mammals for UC Extension.
Bob Feranec, who has received a postdoctoral appointment with Elizabeth Hadly and Adina Paytan at Stanford University. Bob will be looking at strontium isotopes in teeth and bones to infer the type of environment that ancient mammals inhabited at two fossil localities.
Sterling Nesbitt, who will be going to Columbia University on an NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, to work with Paul Olsen.
Scott Nichols, who will be joining Nicole King’s lab to study aspects of cell biology and development in homoscleromorph demosponges—a lineage with seemingly “transitional” metazoan characteristics that may prove important in early animal evolution.
Greg Wilson, who received a Minority Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation for research on the early evolutionary radiation of placental mammals. Greg will be working for two years at the University of Helsinki, Finland with Dr. Jukka Jernvall and for a year at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) with Dr. John Hunter.

  Jim Valentine's cake
To celebrate the news that he’d be receiving the Lapworth Medal from the Palaeontological Association in December, UCMP presented Jim Valentine with a special cake. The text on the cake (below) refers to the imminent publication of Jim’s book on the origins of phyla.
Jim Valentine cuts his cake

May, 2004

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