Tidbits (cont.)


Welcome new students
To the Barnosky Lab:
Jenny McGuire comes to us from Duke University and has an interest in the paleoecology of mammals. She will be working on the type-specimen imaging for MIOMAP this semester.

To the Caldwell Lab:
Emily Arnold joins us from Northern Arizona University and will be working on marine invertebrates.
Stephanie Bush did her undergraduate work at the University of Illinois and more recently served as an intern with MBARI. She will be working on cephalopod behavior.
Callie Martinez joins us from UC San Diego and will be working on marine invertebrates.

To the Lipps Lab:
Lorraine Casazza is no stranger to Berkeley as she also did her undergraduate work here. Now she joins us as a graduate student and will focus on the sexual strategies and evolution of foraminifera.

  To the Padian Lab:
Katie Brakora comes to us from Notre Dame, after several years working in cancer research at Boston. While there, she did some work with David Krauss (Boston College) on dinosaur footprints from the Late Jurassic of Colorado.
Randy Irmis did his undergraduate work at Northern Arizona University and spent three summers working in the Petrified Forest National Park. His interests are in Triassic archosaurs, and in the phylogeny and ontogeny of archosaurs in general.

News from the Collections
Thank you to Bob Lundin (Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University) for kindly donating his 69-volume set of the Ellis and Messina Catalogue of Ostracoda to UCMP. In addition to personally delivering this invaluable reference set, Bob also gave us a nice collection of conodonts from the Mississippian of Nevada and Utah, with promises of more to come!

May, 2004

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