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May weekend workshop
The UC Museum of Paleontology and the Digital Library for Earth System Education were pleased to host the Geoscience Outreach Workshop held May 11–13 here in Berkeley. The purpose of this NSF-sponsored workshop was to examine successful models for education and outreach and to identify successes, needs, and challenges of the geoscience research community in their outreach efforts. This has become increasingly important as researchers apply for funding through the National Science Foundation and are asked to address two criteria: scientific merit and broader impact. The latter, known as Criterion 2, often includes efforts through which the research community can share their science with a broader audience. This workshop provided an opportunity for discussion and to


initiate the design of a larger network that will prove helpful for involving geoscientists in outreach.
Find out more about the workshop here.

Collections donation
UCMP would like to thank Professor Robert Lundin of Arizona State University for donating a Devonian-Permian conodont collection consisting of 238 slides from John Harmala’s 1982 thesis on these microfossils from Nevada and Utah.

Exemplary website
Explorations through Time was chosen as an exemplary website for educators by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC).

May, 2005

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