UCMP's Cal Day 2006 open house (cont.)

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Amugongo (from the Hlusko Lab), Christopher Suk-Young Cho, Patricia Hadiwidjaja, Sue Hoey, Anneke Janzen, Bianca Knoll, Michael Liu, Dawn Peterson, Leah Silverman, Stephanie Stuart, Julia Wu, and Kathy Zoehfeld. Extra-special thanks are extended to Samantha Hopkins who helped out in the "fishbowl" for several hours, though there was a chance that she could go into labor at any moment; to Ed Davis, who, after fulfilling his obligations with the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology upstairs, came down to help us out; to Bill and Dorothy Clemens for being around to fill in where needed; to Dave Smith for his organization and oversight; and to Chris Mejia, whose experience and attention to detail helped make Cal Day a smooth-running operation.


T. rex surrounded by crowds
T. rex stands calmly amid the Cal Day crowds. (photo by Jane Mason)

May, 2006

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