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To Jenny McGuire who passed her Qualifying Exams on March 21, 2006.
To Kevin Padian and Randy Irmis, along with co-investigators Sterling Nesbitt (Columbia/AMNH), Alex Downs (Ghost Ranch), Nathan Smith (U Chicago/Field Museum), Alan Turner (Columbia/AMNH), and Daniel Woody (U Colorado-Boulder), who recently received a National Geographic Research & Exploration Grant for fieldwork in northern New Mexico this summer. And more congrats to Randy who also received a three-year National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.
To Judy Scotchmoor who has been awarded the 2006 AIBS Education Award, which is presented annually by the American Institute of Biological Sciences to individuals or groups who


have made significant contributions to education in the biological sciences, at any level of formal and informal education.
To Alan Shabel who received the 2005-2006 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award.

Lawsuit over Understanding Evolution website dismissed
On March 13, 2006 a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Roseville couple claiming that UCMP's Understanding Evolution website uses evolution to promote religion.

May, 2006

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