NAPC 2001

June 26 - July 1 2001 Berkeley, California

Technical Session Schedule—Saturday June 30 

(last updated 5/7/01)

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8:20-8:40 STROMBERG, CAROLINE:Opening remarks SUMIDA, S. S.: Pelycosaurian-Grade Synapsids from the Lower Permian of Central Germany: The Apex of an Exclusively Terrestrial Foodweb  BAMBACH, RICHARD: Walker & Bambach 1971 Revisited: At Last We Are Relevant 
8:40-9:00 JANIS, CHRISTINE M.: The Origins and Evolution Of The North American Grassland Biome: The Story From The Hoofed mammals  REGA, E. A: Indirect Evidence of Sail Presence from a Healed Spinous Process Fracture in Dimetrodon  HUNT, GENE: Time-Averaging and Morphometric Data: Do Fossil Samples Accurately Reflect Population-Level Variability? 
9:00-9:20 FERANEC, ROBERT S.: Hemiauchenia, A High-Crowned Browser From Florida  RUBIDGE, B. S.: Basal Therapsid Fauna from South Africa - Implications for Therapsid Origins  CARROLL, MONICA: Time-Averaging in Articulate Brachiopod Accumulations; a Quantitative Estimate of Temporal Resolution from a Holocene Tropical Shelf (Southern Brazil) 
9:20- 9:40 Break Break Break
9:40-10:00 HOPPE, KATHRYN A: Can Analyses Of The Carbon Isotope Ratios Of Horse Teeth and Bones Be Used To Precisely Reconstruct The C-3/C-4 Ratio Of Local Grasslands?  KURKIN, ANDREY: New Dicynodonts from Eastern Europe  KIDWELL, SUSAN: Tropical Time-Averaging: Disparate Absolute Ages and Taphonomic Clocks in Bivalve Assemblages from Modern Subtidal Siliciclastic and Carbonate Facies 
10:00-10:20 CLEMENTZ, MARK T.: Early Occurrence Of C4 Grasses In Middle Miocene North America Based On Stable Isotopes In Tooth Enamel  ANGIELCZYK, KEN: Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Implications of Permian Dicynodonts From Russia  MARTIN, RONALD: Numerical Simulation of Foraminferal Assemblages 
10:20-10:40 FOX, DAVID L.: Carbon Isotopes and High C4 Biomass During The Miocene In The Great Plains, U.S.A.  HANCOX, P. J.: Phylogeny of Triassic Dicynodonts: Evolutionary and Biochronological Implications  OLSZEWSKI, THOMAS: Surviving Taphonomic Russian Roulette: How the Odds of Fossil Preservation Affect Time-Averaging 
10:40-11:00 Break Break Break
11:00-11:20 LAGARRY, HANNAN E.: Depositional Environments In The Type Areas Of The Chadronian, Orellan, Whitneyan, and Arikareean Nalmas, Nebraska, USA  NEVELING, J.: A New Species of Trirachodon (Cynodontia): Consequences for Cynodont Evolution  GOODWIN, DAVID: Sclerochronologically-Calibrated Oxygen Isotope Profiles Detect Time-Averaging in Bivalve Mollusk Assemblages 
11:20-11:40 LAGARRY, LEIGH ANNE: Revised Paleogeography Of Basal White River Group Strata (Eocene), Northern Great Plains, USA  BARBERENA, M. C.: A New Fauna of Very Mammal-Like Cynodonts from the Late Triassic of Brazil  SCHÖNE, B.R.: Clam-Ring Time-Series: A New Method for High-Resolution Environmental Reconstruction 
11:40-12:00 GABEL, MARK: An Environmental Gradient Determined By Celtis (Ulmaceae) Fossils From The Miocene Of The Great Plains Of North America  LUO, Z.-X.: Relationships of Major Mesozoic Mammalian Clades  GOODFRIEND, G.A.: Holocene Cerion Land Snails on Long Island, Bahamas: A Fossil Record of Exceptionally High Spatial and Temporal Resolution 
12:00-1:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:40-2:00 SMITH, FRANCESCA A.: Fossil Phytolith Carbon Isotope Records Of Grass Photosynthetic Pathways  BECK, ALLISON: The Evolution of the Shoulder Joint in Non-Mammalian Synapsids  SADLER, PETER: Best-Fit Intervals: Measures of The Resolving Power of Paleontological First- and Last-Appearance Events 
2:00-2:20 STRÖMBERG, CAROLINE A.: Changes In Plant Community Structure In Northwestern Nebraska During The Eocene To Early Miocene: Phytolith Evidence  SIDOR, C. A.: Analyzing Evolutionary Trends in Non-Mammalian Synapsids: Scale Dependence and Stratigraphic Vs. Phylogenetic Perspectives  PAYNE, J.I.: Defining The Range of Sudden and Gradual Extinction Scenarios Compatible with any (Simple) Stratigraphic Distribution of Fossils 
2:20-2:40 STIDHAM, THOMAS A.: Grasshopper Evolution and The Spread Of Grasses  DISCUSSION HARRIES, PETER J.: The Importance of and the Limits to High-Resolution Approaches in Unravelling Mass Extinction Events 
2:40-3:00 BOBE, RENE: Environmental Variability, Expanding Grasslands, and The Rise Of The Genus Homo In Africa    SMITH, D.M.: Taphonomic Bias and Insect Diversity: A Lesson from the Beetles and Flies 
3:00-3:20 RETALLACK, GREGORY J.: Did Grasslands Spread With Cenozoic Drying and Cooling, Or Vice Versa?    Break
3:20-3:40 DISCUSSION   HUNDA, B.R.: Event Bed Deposition In The Cincinnatian Series: Implications For Taphonomic Processes And Assessing Microevolutionary Changes Within Flexicalymene 
3:40-4:00   ROSS, C.A.: The Concept of Sequence Evolution and Sequence Extinction 
4:00-4:20     DISCUSSION