NAPC 2001

June 26 - July 1 2001 Berkeley, California

Technical Session Schedule—Thursday, June 28
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Theme Session 2
CP-Invertebrate Paleontology
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Symposium 14
Theme Session 3 
8:00-8:20 8:10-ARENS, NAN CRYSTAL: Opening remarks      BARNOSKY, TONY: Opening remarks   
8:20-8:40 HASIOTIS, STEPHEN: Integrating ichnology and paleopedology to reconstruct Upper Jurassic Morrison terrestrial and freshwater paleoecosystems CHIEN, PAUL: SEM Observation Of Precambrian Sponge Embryos, From Southern China, Revealing Ultrastructures Including Yolk Granules, Secretion Granules, Cytoskeleton, And Nuclei  CRAME, A. Evolution Of High-Latitude Marine Invertebrate Faunas: A Review  GRAHAM, RUSSEL: FAUNMAP-The second generation and beyond.  BABCOCK, LOREN E.: Interpretation Of Biological And Environmental Changes Across The Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Boundary: Developing Tools For Predicting The Occurrence Of Burgess Shale-Type Deposits 
8:40-9:00 TRUEMAN, CLIVE: High resolution environmental variability across ancient landscape surfaces  STINCHCOMB, BRUCE: Upper Cambrian/Lower Ordovician Plated Mollusks Of The Ozark Uplift  MARINCOVICH, LOUIE JR: A Brief History Of The Cenozoic Arctic Ocean BARNOSKY, TONY: MIOMAP: A Relational And Spatial Database For Research On Evolution, Ecology, And Biogeography Of Miocene Mammals  DORNBOS, STEPHEN Q.: Paleoecology Of Benthic Metazoans In The Early Cambrian Chengjiang Fauna: Evidence For The Cambrian Substrate Revolution
9:00-9:20 ARENS, NAN CRYSTAL: Loss of local angiosperm species richness precedes the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary: Palynological evidence for increased habitat heterogeneity  CONNOLLY, SEAN: Global Ordovician Faunal Transitions In The Marine Benthos: Proximate Causes  WOLFE, JACK: Paleogene Climatic And Floristic Changes At Middle To High Latitudes In North America BADGELY, C.: Databases For Recent Mammals and Mammalian Faunas  JENSEN, SÖREN: A Scratch Circle Origin for the Medusoid Fossil Kullingia 
9:20- 9:40 Break Break Break Break Break
9:40-10:00 SKAFF & TANG: Isotopic analysis of the Chandler and Safford (central Arizona) proboscidean fossils  WATKINS, RODNEY: Distribution Of Trimerellid and Pentamerid Brachiopods In Silurian Reefs Of SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois  LAZARUS, DAVID: The Cenozoic Evolution Of Antarctic Radiolarian Faunas  BEHRENSMEYER, ANNA K.: Test-Driving The ETE Database In The Late Cenozoic Of Africa  LESLIE, STEPHEN A.: Paleobiology and Paleobiogeography Of Corumbella, A Late Neoproterozoic Ediacaran-Grade Organism 
10:00-10:20 WEINREB, DAVID: Paleoecology of Eutrephoceras dekayi: Evidence from light stable isotopes  PEREZ-HUERTA, ALBERTO: Pennsylvanian Brachiopod Assemblage Zones in the Ely Limestone of East Central Nevada FELDMANN, RODNEY: Fossil Decapod Crustaceans In The High Latitudes: Pioneers and Survivors  ALROY, JOHN: The Paleobiology Database  WAGGONER, BEN: The Rulebook is Rewritten: Ediacaran and Cambrian Global Biodiversity Patterns 
10:20-10:40 IVANY, LINDA: Using stable isotopic data to resolve variation in rate and duration of seasonal growth throughout ontogeny    OLEINIK, ANTON E.: Paleobiogeographic And Paleoclimatic Implications Of The Cenozoic Molluscan Record In The Northwestern Pacific SIMS, HALLIE: A New Paleobotanical Database Initiative  FEDONKIN, MIKHAIL A.: Faunal Succession In The Vendian (Terminal Proterozoic) Deposits Of The White Sea Region, North Of The Russian Platform 
10:40-11:00 Break Break Break Break Break
11:00-11:20 BUSH, ANDREW: Estimating biodiversity in light of heterogeneous sampling intensities: The relationship between taxon-occurrence subsampling methods and alpha and beta diversity.  VEGA, FRANCISCO: Aporrhaid Gastropods Of Latest Cretaceous Age From The Upper Part Of The Barton Creek Formation, Below Chicxulub Ejecta Blanket In Southern Mexico 

WILSON, GREGORY: The Biogeographic Impact of an Epeiric Seaway On Late Cretaceous And Paleocene South American Palynofloras

GRIMM, ERIC: The Global Pollen Database  HAGADORN, JAMES W.: X-Radiographic Computed Axial Tomography Of Matrix-Encased Neoproterozoic Fossils
11:20-11:40 KOSNIK, MATTHEW: "Richness" and "evenness" and abundance distribution effects on sample "diversity": Knowing when the data is leading you astray LOESER, HANNES: Diversity Patterns Of Cretaceous Corals  CASE, JUDD: Latest Cretaceous Record of Modern Birds from Antarctica: Center of Origin or Fortuitous Occurrence? SMITH, UNA: Integrated Research On Fossil And Extant Flowering Plants Via A Descriptive Database  IVANTSOV, ANDREI YU.: Locomotion Trails Of The Vendian Invertebrates Preserved With The Producer's Body Fossils, White Sea, Russia 
11:40-12:00 FINNEGAN, SETH: The relationship between diversity and abundance: An example from the Lower-Middle Ordovician boundary of the Great Basin  GUENSBURG, THOMAS: Origin Of Standardized Crinoid Cup Plating  ZINSMEISTER, WILLIAM J.: Role Of The High Latitudes In The Emergence Of Cenozoic Molluscan Faunas Of The Southern Hemisphere KAESLER, ROGER: Concept-Focused Databases In Paleontology: Paleobank and The Treatise On Invertebrate Paleontology  DROSER, MARY L.: Firm Cambrian Substrates In The Lowermost Cambrian: Evidence From Ichnofabrics In The Chapel Island Formation, Newfoundland 
12:00-1:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Theme Session 2
Special Session
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Symposium 14
Theme Session 3
1:40-2:00 MARTIN, ANTHONY J.: Evidence for insect nesting and its paleoenvironmental significance in the Two Medicine Formation (Late Cretaceous), Choteau, Montana  BRYANT, LAURIE: Fossil Futures: Preserving Fossils From Public Lands - Panel Discussion With Representatives Of Federal Land Management Agencies  HARWOOD, D. M.: Origin and Early Evolution Of Diatoms: Cretaceous and Paleogene Records From The Southern High Latitudes  MCGWIRE, K.: Virtual Paleontological Specimens: Networking Museum Collections To Promote Science And Education  XIAO, SHUHAI: Articulated Sponges in an Early Cambrian Biota and Epifaunal Tiering at the Precambrian-Cambrian Transition 
2:00-2:20 PETERS, SHANNAN: Large-scale heterogeneity in the stratigraphic record: A significant source of bias in global diversity estimates  Fossil futures EBERLE, JAELYN: A New Marine Fauna From The Late Cretaceous Of Devon Island, Nunavut Territory, Canadian Arctic Archipelago  WARDLAW, BRUCE: The USGS National Paleontological Database: Paleodata  GAINES, ROBERT R.: Taphonomy Of Soft-Bodied Preservation And Ptychopariid Lagerstätte In The Wheeler Shale (Middle Cambrian), House Range, USA; Controls And Implications 
2:20-2:40 STANLEY, STEVEN M., Weak Competition Throughout The Marine Realm: Consequences For Population Growth, Rate Of Speciation, And Global Diversification  Fossil futures HUNT, RICHARD: Revising Paleogene West Antarctic Climate And Vegetation History: New Geochronology And Palaeoenvironmental Data MOLINEUX, ANN: Metadata: A New Word For An Old Problem BUDD, GRAHAM E.: A New Stem-Arachnate From The Sirius Passet (Lower Cambrian Of North Greenland) And The Basal Euarthropod Problem 
2:40-3:00 DISCUSSION Fossil futures DISCUSSION   CARON, JEAN-BERNARD: The Limbless Animal Banffia constricta from the Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian, Canada): a Stem-group Arthropod? 
3:00-3:20 Break Break Break Paleodatabase discussion group Break
 Special Session
CP-Trace Fossils
Theme Session 3
3:20-3:40 BERRY, WILLIAM: Significance Of Oxygen Minimum Zones Under Upwelling Systems In Late Ordovician - Early Silurian Graptolite Extinctions And Radiations  Fossil futures PYENSON, NICHOLAS: Ichnofossil-Lagerstätte In Alabama: A World-Class Carboniferous (Westphalian A) Tracksite  Paleodatabase discussion group TAYLOR, ROD S.: 'Waptiid' Arthropods and the Significance of Bivalved Carapaces in Arthropods From (and Since) the Cambrian 
3:40-4:00 WANG, STEVE: What Are Mass Extinctions? A Statistical Approach Using Density Estimation  Fossil futures SOUTO, R.F., New Occurrences Of Coprolites From The Ariripe Basin (Upper Jurassic And Lower Cretaceous, Brazil)  Paleodatabase discussion group ZHURAVLEV, ANDREY YU: Early Cambrian Reefal Paleocommunities: Without Stasis 
4:00-4:20    Fossil futures GREGORY, MURRAY: The "PHOEBICHNUS look-alike" — a fossilized root system? (and a large composite ichnofossil) Paleodatabase discussion group ZHURAVLEV, ANDREY YU: Early Cambrian Sinsk Dysaerobic Biota (Siberian Platform) 
4:20-4:40    Fossil futures   Paleodatabase discussion group  
4:40-5:00     Fossil futures