NCTE Resource Matrix


Description: Informtion Via: Comments: Submitted by:
Intel Science and Engineering Fair "Professional societies could sponsor/co-sponsor an award category for a science fair project on evolution." Mike Smith
Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education   "May help the group to establish alliances between industry and scientists to advance certain positions with policy-makers." Mike Smith
Choutauqua Short Courses for College Science Teachers   "Several good courses each year on cutting edge evolutionary content and on effective pedagogy." Craig Nelson
Biotech company training Various companies Submitter suggests that biotech companies might provide their internal media training expertise to scientific societies. Steve Case
Building a Presence NSTA "This network connects school buildings across the USA." Gerry Wheeler
1840 Wilson
Arlington, VA 22201

Inclusion within this matrix should not be considered a recommendation by either the UC Museum of Paleontology or the Steering Committee, as no systematic evaluation criteria have been applied.

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