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Print and web resources

Web sites

Access Excellence
Lessons on evolution developed by the Woodrow Wilson Fellows in 1995.

Bone Clones
This site provides reproductions of fossil and living materials that are for purchase.

DNA Learning Center: Genetic Origins (Cold Spring Harbor Labs)
Background information, animations and directions for wet labs and problems related to examples of molecular evidence for evolution. Also comments on applications of evolution. Includes Mysteries of the Neandertals and Mysteries of the Romanoffs.

Evolution and the Nature of Science (ENSI)
Lessons and resources for teaching evolution and the nature of science in high school biology.

Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States
The Lawrence S. Lerner report on the treatment of evolution within the science standards of each of the states.

National Center for Science Education
An excellent site monitoring the evolution and creationism controversy. It offers methods for dealing with anti-evolutionists and advice for teaching evolution with integrity.

University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP)
An award-winning site covering content in phylogeny, evolution, and geologic time as well as providing teacher resources.

A television series and additional resources produced by WGBH and Clear Blue Sky Productions.


— Alters, B.J. and S.M. Alters. 2001. Defending Evolution: A Guide to the Creation/Evolution Controversy. Boston: Jones and Bartlett.
A fine examination of the state of understanding of evolution, the major problems that students have with evolution, and the strategies for teaching evolution. Explicitly tied to the educational research base that underlies all effective pedagogy.

— National Academy of Sciences. 1998. Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science. Washington, DC, National Academy Press.
This book includes both discussions on the need to teach evolution, the nature of science, frequently asked questions, and instructional materials, as well as a selection of activities. Also available on the web.

— Scotchmoor, J. and D.A. Springer. 1999. Evolution: Investigating the Evidence. Paleontological Society. Special Publication Volume 9.
A rich resource covering the nature of science, patterns and processes of evolution, the evidence for evolution, the use of models, and the controversies about teaching evolution.

— Pojeta, J. and D.A. Springer. 2001. Evolution and the Fossil Record. Alexandria, VA. American Geological Institute.
An engaging and colorful booklet, rich in information about evolution and the fossil record. Also available on the web.


Workshop Template

The template is a one-page planning guide outlining each section of the workshop.

Sample Workshop

To illustrate how a scientific society might go about deciding on workshop topics and activities, see this integrated approach.

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