Ben Waggoner

. . . has moved on. . .

If you have questions, suggestions, corrections, updates, or shameless praise for a UCMP web page, please contact the UCMP Webmaster. I occasionally do minor updating, repairing, etc., but I no longer regularly update pages on the UCMP server.

If you need permission to reproduce anything on the UCMP server, please don't e-mail me! Instead, send a message to the webmaster at

If you want me to do your biology homework for you, tough luck. That's what the library is for -- you know, the place where they keep those big heavy paper things called "books"? (This doesn't mean I won't help out with tough problems or with honest inquiries -- but I keep getting these long lists of basic questions to answer, that look like they've just been copied right out of a textbook, worksheet, or other assignment. I'm not going to help you cheat, and I'm not a !@?*!#?!! encyclopedia, OK?)

If you've got honest inquiries, I'll give 'em my best shot. But remember: Sometimes it takes me a while to answer e-mails. I sometimes lose or forget about e-mails. And I'm an invertebrate paleontologist / evolutionary biologist by training: questions about dinosaurs, lichens, volcanoes, etc. may well be wayyyyyyy out of my sphere of competence. In such cases I will do my best to refer you to someone who is competent to answer.

If you're nostalgic for my old homepage, tough luck. . . it's gone fer good. But since you're here anyway, allow me to put in a plug for one of the finest Celtic traditional ensembles to be found anywhere, The Poor Clares. Coming out of New Orleans, the group's first, self-released album is sheer delight, and their second and third discs on Centaur Records are more fine music. Check 'em out. (The fact that my sister plays bouzouki and sings in this group has nothing to do with the fact that I've mentioned them on my home page. I swear I'm not biased or anything.)

I am now located at:

Department of Biology
University of Central Arkansas
Conw ay, Arkansas 72035-0001
Phone: (501) 450-5037
FAX: (501) 450-5914
New Homepage: