Biology 1A    Oct 1, 1998
Lecture 10 - Sexual Reproduction

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I. Sexual reproduction requires both meiosis and syngamy. II. Variation in sexual life cycles. III. Many organisms reproduce asexually. IV. Reproduction and dispersal are not the same.


agamospermy gamete parthenogenesis
alternation of generations gametophyte plantlet
anisogamy gemmae plasmogamy
antheridium gender reproduction
archegonium haploid rhizome
asexual reproduction heteromorphic sexual reproduction
bulb homologous chromosomes sperm
dikaryon isogamy sporangium
diploid isomorphic spore
dispersal karyogamy sporophyte
egg (ovum) male stolon
embryo meiosis syngamy
female modular tuber
fragmentation oogamy zygote
gametangia oogonium

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