Biology 1A    Oct 8, 1998
Lecture 12 - Algae II

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I. Multicellularity has evolved many times in many ways. II. Rhodophyta: the red algae. III. Chromista: haptophytes, diatoms, and kelps. IV. Chlorophyta: the green algae.


alginates diatomaceous earth multicellularity
antheridium epitheca nori
apical meristem filament oogonium
basal meristem float parenchyma
blade floridean starch phycobilin
calcium carbonate frustule phycocyanin
carageenan fucoxanthin phycoerythrin
cellular cohesion holdfast phytoplankton
cellulose hypotheca pyrenoid
chlorophyll b intercalary meristem raphe
chlorophyll c intertidal rockweed
chlorophyll d kelp silica
coccolith laminarin spermatia
coenocyte mannitol stalk
colony mastigonemes starch
conceptacle membrane triphasic life history
costae meristem

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