Biology 1A    Oct 15, 1998
Lecture 13 - Tissues

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I. Tissues are differentiated cell regions. II. Plant tissues are produced from meristems. III. There are three simple plant tissues. IV. Complex tissues involve more than one cell type.


apical meristem lateral meristem sclereids
cell differentiation lignin sclerenchyma
cell division meristem secondary cell wall
cell growth middle lamella secondary growth
cellulose organ secondary meristem
collenchyma organ system sieve tubes
companion cell parenchyma simple tissue
complex tissue pectin stomata
cork cambium periderm suberin
cuticle phloem tissue
cutin plasmodesmata tissue system
epidermis primary cell wall tracheids
fibers primary growth vascular cambium
ground meristem primary meristem vascular tissue
ground tissue procambium vessel element
guard cells protoderm xylem

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