Biology 1A    Oct 20, 1998
Lecture 14 - Bryophytes

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I. Life Cycles in Early Plants. II. Bryophyte Ecology and Morphology. III. Liverworts, Hornworts, and Mosses.


   antheridium       embryophyte      operculum
   archegonium       foot             peristome
   bryophyte         gametangium      protonemata
   calyptra          gemmae           rhizoid
   Charophyceae      hydroids         sporangium
   Coleochaete       hygroscopic      spore
   columella         leafy            sporopollenin
   dioicous          leptoids         sterile jacket
   dominance         monoicous        thalloid
   dorsiventral      neck canal       transfer tissue
   elaters           oil bodies       vascular plant

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