Biology 1A    Oct 27, 1998
Lecture 16 - Roots & 1° Growth

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I. The root develops from the root apical meristem. II. Root Anatomy. III. Root Systems. IV. Root functions and specializations.


   adventitious roots       fibrous roots         protoxylem
   apical meristem          ground meristem       root
   Casparian strip          ground tissue         root apical meristem
   cell differentiation     mesarch               root cap
   cell division            metaxylem             root hairs
   cell growth              monocot               root nodules
   centrarch                mycorrhizae           root system
   contractile roots        pericycle             shoot system
   cortex                   pith                  suberin
   dicot                    pneumatophores        suckers
   endarch                  primary growth        tap root
   endodermis               primary meristem      tissue system
   epidermis                procambium            vascular tissue
   exarch                   protoderm			

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