Biology 1A    Oct 29, 1998
Lecture 17 - Stems & 2° Growth

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I. The shoot develops from the shoot apical meristem. II. Shoot Anatomy. III. Shoot Systems. IV. Secondary growth in stems.


   atactostele       eustele               shoot system
   axil              internode             siphonostele
   axillary bud      lactifer              spine
   bifacial          lateral meristem      stele
   bark              leaf gap              stolon
   bud primordium    leaf primordium       stomata
   bulb              node                  terminal bud
   bundle cap        pith                  thorn
   cladophyll        prickle               trichome
   cork cambium      protostele            tuber
   corm              rhizome               vascular cambium
   cortex            sclerenchyma sheath   wood
   cuticle           secondary growth

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