Biology 1A    Nov 3, 1998
Lecture 18 - Leaves

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I. The origin of leaves. II. Leaf Morphology. III. Leaf Anatomy. IV. Leaf functions and specializations.


   abaxial            entire                palmate
   abscission         guard cell            petiole
   adaxial            hydrophyte            phyllotaxy
   apex               internode             pinnate
   blade              leaf primordium       planation
   bracts             lobed                 simple
   buliform cells     margin                spine
   bundle sheath      marginal meristem     spongy mesophyll
   carnivory          megaphyll             stipules
   compound leaf      mesophyll             Telome Theory
   cuticle            microphyll            tendril
   deciduous          midvein               venation
   dichotomous        node                  webbing
   dissected blade    overtopping           whorled
   enation            palisade mesophyll    xerophyte

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