Biology 1A    Nov 5, 1998
Lecture 19 - Pteridophytes

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I. Vascular plants evolved in the Late Silurian. II. The first vascular plants had a pteridophyte life cycle. III. Ferns are the most common pteridophytes today. IV. Lycophytes, horsetails, and whisk ferns are also pteridophytes.


   adventitious roots    fiddlehead          Psilotum
   annulus               heterospory         pteridophyte
   bryophyte             hygroscopic         rhizome
   coal                  indusium            Rhynie Chert
   dichotomous           leptosporangium     rhyniophyte
   dioicous              lignin              silica
   elaters               Lycophyta           siphonostele
   embryophyte           megaphyll           sorus
   enation               microphyll          Sphenophyta
   endodermis            polysporangiate     sporophyll
   Equisetum             prothallium         strobilus
   eusporangium          protostele          vascular plants
   fern                  Psilotophyta        whorled

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