Biology 1A    Sept 1, 1998
Lecture 2 - The Nature of Life

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I. Attributes of living organisms. II. Living organisms are composed primarily of six elements. III. Water is the medium for the chemical reactions of life. IV. Lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids.


acclimatization enzyme phospholipid
adaptation glucose photosynthesis
amino acid glycerol phototaxy
assimilation growth pigment
ATP hemoglobin polar
behavioral response homeostasis polymer
carbohydrate hydrolysis polypeptide
cellulose inorganic polysaccharide
chitin lipid polyunsaturated
coenzyme metabolism protein
cohesion monomer reproduction
compound monosaccharide respiration
dehydration synthesis nastic movement saturated fat
development nonpolar starch
digestion nucleic acid sucrose
disaccharide nucleotide tropism
DNA organic unsaturated fat
element organic acid (carboxyl) wax

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