Biology 1A    Sept 3, 1998
Lecture 3 - Cells

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I. All living organisms are composed of cells. II. All cells come from other cells. III. Living cells are bounded by a lipid membrane. IV. Survey of cellular machinery.


amyloplast ER (RER, SER) phospholipid
anaphase eukaryote plasma membrane
animalcules flagellae plastid
anthocyanin flagellin prokaryote
cell theory fluid-mosaic model prophase
cell wall Golgi apparatus protoplasm
chloroplast interphase ribosomes
chromoplast ion channel RNA
chromosome ion pump spindle
cilia lysosomes spontaneous generation
cytokinesis metaphase sterols
cytoplasm mitochondria telophase
cytoskeleton mitosis tonoplast
cytosol nucleolus tubulin
development nucleus vacuole
differentiation organelle vesicle

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