Biology 1A    Sept 8, 1998
Lecture 4 - DNA, Archaea, Bacteria

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I. DNA is the "master molecule" of life. II. All life may be divided into three domains. III. Introduction to the Archaea. IV. Introduction to the Bacteria.


adenine domain outer membrane
aerobic ester-linkage penicillin
anaerobic ether-linkage peptidoglycan
antibiotic evolutionary distance plasmid
Archaea flagellin prokaryote
bacillus Gram stain rRNA
Bacteria guanine ruminant
bacteriorhodopsin halophile semi-conservative
botulism heterochromatin spirillum
chromosome histone streptomycin
coccus intron thermophile
codon isoprene thymine
cytosine methanogen tRNA
diglycerol mRNA uracil

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