Biology 1A    Sept 10, 1998
Lecture 5 - Photosynthesis

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IV. Bacteria (cont'd). I. Photosynthesis evolved in the cyanobacteria. II. Eukaryotic photosynthesis is the result of endosymbiosis. III. Overview of Photosynthesis.


absorption endosymbiosis photorespiration
absorption spectrum filamentous photosynthesis
ADP / ATP glucose photosystem
C4 photosynthesis grana phycobilin
Calvin cycle heterocyst pigment
CAM photosynthesis hydrocarbon tail plastid
carbon fixation light reducing
carotenoid NADH / NADPH reflection
chemosynthesis nitrogen fixation rubisco
chlorophyll a nitrogenase ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP)
colony oxidizing stroma
cyclic photophosphorylation pamelloid stromatolite
decomposition phosphorylation thylakoid
denitrification photolysis xanthophyll

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