Biology 1A    Sept 29, 1998
Lecture 9 - Fungi

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I. Fungi are filamentous, multicellular, haploid organisms. II. Fungi play many vital roles in terrestrial ecosystems. III. Survey of fungal diversity. IV. Other fungus-like organisms. V. A lichen is a symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga.


absorption cortex nutrient cycling
annulus crustose paraphyses
apothecium dikaryon parasite
ascocarp fermentation penicillin
ascospore filament rhizoids
ascus foliose saprobe
basidiocarp fruticose septum
basidiospore gills sporangiophore
basidium haploid life cycle sporangium
brown rot hymenium spore
budding hyphae sporocarp
cap lichen substrate
chitin lignin symbiosis
coenocytic mating types white rot
columella medulla zygospore
conidia mycelium
conidiophore mycorrhizae

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