About Brian's Homepage

After procrastinating for almost two years, I finally got around to designing a "proper" homepage for myself. After all, if I'm supposed to be giving advice to other people about page design for the web, then some of that knowledge ought to be reflected on my own page. Right??

The basic layout and design motif are taken from the "Gelre" Armorial, a superb medieval collection of European arms.

The crests (which sit on top of the shields) are taken from:

Arthur Charles Fox-Davies. "Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers".
Dover Publ., New York, 1991.
The publisher allows limited use of the designs and illustrations without special permission, and the book includes a wealth of images from a broad selection of original sources, all gathered originally for "The Art of Heraldry". The crests originally belonged to the following (emblazons are approximate):

Images appearing on the shields are not heraldry, except for the one which also appears at the top of this page. The charge on that shield is a créquier, a stylized cherry tree, which I have seen in at least three sets of arms appearing before 1600 -- once in Papworth and twice in the Gelre armorial. The other images come from a variety of sources (gathered legally).

Subsidiary pages from the main one are all done using different styles and layouts. This is intentional. Each page carries its own theme and fulfills its own purpose, so I have created pages in a variety of styles to show-off a little, but mostly to have fun.

If web design weren't fun, I wouldn't be doing it.

Last modified 1 March 1997