Brian Speer's Heraldry Page

This page doesn't have much yet, but heraldry is such a strong interest of mine that I felt I should at least put up something. This gives me the opportunity to show the art and beauty of heraldic design, if nothing else.

The similarities between the principles of heraldry and modern page layout for the web are amazing, and those principles would sure make a lot of the web prettier (and more friendly to the users). Take the fundamental "Rule of Tincture" as an example. In most systems of heraldry, there are light "metals" (yellow and white) and dark "colors" (blue, black, red, green), and if the field (i.e. page background) is a metal, then all objects placed on the field should be of a color (i.e. text, images). This makes for good contrast so that all objects may be clearly identified.

Of course heraldry doesn't usually include lettering, and never whole blocks of text. So, while I can display the arms at left on a multicolor field, putting text on such a background would be a bad idea. Not every principle of web design has an analog in heraldry, but there is considerable overlap.

For the curious, the arms displayed at right are Walraven van Nijmegen, the College of St. Katherine, Gwydden Lawen, and Fiammetta Adimari. They are registered through the College of Arms of the SCA, and each is linked to a respective homepage.

Useful Heraldry Links: