CGDP Contributors

The following people have contributed either tissue, thoughts or other expertise towards the Cowrie Genetic Database Project. The global scope of the project and goal of comprehensive sampling require the assistance of people and institutions from all over the globe. Their contributions are greatly appreciated and acknowledged here. Thanks!



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Don Barclay
Marty Beals
Philippe Bouchet
Michel Boutet
Roy Caldwell
Hank Chaney
John Chester
Peter Clarkson
Lori Bell Colin
Pat Colin
Allen Collins
Harry Conley
Vince Crayssac
Carolyn Cruz
Martyn Day
Helen deJode
John Earle
Andrew Edinger
Mark Erdmann
Bill Gibbs
Serge Gofas
Terry Gosliner

Jeroen Goud
Kibata Mussa Haji
Jerry Harasewych
Itaru Hayami
Brian Hayes
Claus Hedegaard
Ed Heiman
Bert Hoeksema
John Hoover
John Jackson
Scott Johnson
Tomoki Kase
Norbert Kayombo
Shigemitsu Kinjo
Lisa Kirkendale
Kitona Kombo Kitona
Jean Paul Lefort
Bill Liltved
Charlotte Lloyd
Felix Lorenx, Jr.
Felix Lorenz, Sr.
Larry Madrigal
Marlene Martinez
Gerald McCormack
Mohammed Mohammed
Hugh Morrison
Gowele Mtoka
Mtumwa Mwadini
Steve Norby
Shuichi Ohashi
Yoshihiro Omi
Ina Park
Marcel Pin
Matt Richmond
Gary Rosenberg
Teina Rongo
Fred Schroeder
Mike Severns
Pauline Severns
Brian Simison
John Starmer
Barry Wilson
Woody Woodman