David K. Smith

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Other UC art

Decanting graphic

1988 • Decanting graphic: I originally drew this to accompany a CNR Update (CNR newsletter) article on the "decanting" process that was about to get underway in the Life Sciences Building. It caught the eye of somebody in the Chancellor's Office and before long it was appearing on tee shirts and the official decanting manual. For the tee shirt, text was added below the bottle that read "Decanting: A moving experience."

Staff Appreciation Day tee shirt design

1992 • Staff Appreciation Day graphic: Someone involved in the organizing of this year's Staff Appreciation Day festivities recruited me to create a graphic for the event's tee shirts. The theme was to be "Staff circus." I came up with this juggling clown, with which I was quite happy. A short time later, it was rejected and the theme was changed — somebody thought that the staff would be offended by the circus/clown business. I had to come up with a new design and I didn't like that one nearly as much as this clown.

Sather Gate ornamentation

1997 • Sather Gate ornamentation: The Dean of the College of Letters & Sciences asked me to create an invitation to "an evening honoring outgoing department chairs" scheduled for April, 1997. This feature on Sather Gate seemed like it would be an appropriate subject for the card.

IB logo

1997 • Integrative Biology logo: It was a challenge to come up with a logo for the Department of Integrative Biology (IB). I realized quickly that it would have to be devoid of any and all life forms — including one at the expense of another would have caused unrest amongst the faculty. Therefore, I used the Nike™ swoosh as inspiration and came up with this design (apparently, the IB faculty were content with it).

MCB logo

1997 • MCB logo: Not long after developing the IB logo, the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology asked me to design a logo for them too. After several edits and revisions, we settled on this DNA-based design. I don't think it's even used on their website anymore.

Graphic for BNHM poster

1998 • BNHM poster graphic: I was enlisted by the Chancellor's Office to design a poster for a Berkeley Natural History Museums (BNHM) lecture. This tree of life is loosely based on the tree preferred by Norman Pace (at that time, a Professor of Plant & Microbial Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology here at Berkeley; now at the University of Colorado, Boulder).

BNHM logo

2000 • BNHM logo: The Berkeley Natural History Museums (BNHM) needed a logo, so I came up with this design that has six icons, each representing one of the six museums in the consortium.

Exploring California Biodiversity logo

2004 • Exploring California Biodiversity logo: For this NSF-funded BNHM project, Exploring California Biodiversity cried out for a design that integrated the BNHM logo with a map of California. Not one of my more creative efforts, but it does the job.


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