David K. Smith

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UCMP art

Raising the rex tee shirt design

1994 • Raising the rex: My very first volunteer project for UCMP was this brochure graphic for the "Own a piece of the rex" campaign, a fund-raising effort to help pay for the T. rex cast that now graces the Valley Life Science Building's Wallace Atrium. The text you see in this image was added when the design was adapted for use on a tee shirt in 1995.

UCMP logo design

1995? • UCMP logo: On short notice, I was asked to come up with something that might serve as a temporary UCMP logo until the museum could find time to discuss the matter in more depth and review logo options. The museum never found the time — this design hung around, it continues to be used, and has become the UCMP logo by default.

First T. rex tee shirt design

1995 • Tyrannosaurus rex 1: This T. rex skull drawing (based on the then unmounted cast skull of the T. rex standing in VLSB) found many uses: it was made into a poster, was used on tee shirts, and was integrated into the header of the museum's UCMP News newsletter (print version).

Reconstructing the past tee shirt design

1995? • Reconstructing the past: This tee shirt design was based on UCMP's skeleton of the plesiosaur Hydrotherosaurus alexandrae, discovered by Sam Welles in 1937. The wall-mounted skeleton had been on exhibit for over 50 years in the Hearst Mining Building and then McCone Hall before it was taken down for UCMP's move to VLSB in 1995.

Yin and yang of Hydrotherosaurus tee shirt design

1995? • The yin and yang of Hydrotherosaurus: Created as an alternative to the "Reconstructing the past" design above, this drawing (suggested by Museum Associate Howard Schorn), contrasting the skeleton of Hydrotherosaurus with its reconstruction, was never used.

T. rex and mistletoe holiday card design

1997 • UCMP holiday card: This drawing of T. rex waiting beneath a sprig of mistletoe was used on a holiday card that was sent out to Friends of UCMP, donors, and campus offices. This T. rex skull is now used in the header for the online version of the UCMP News newsletter.

Hadrosaur by river graphic

1999 • Hadrosaur by river: I can't remember why I made this graphic (it was never used) but I've always liked it. It was made using Macromedia FreeHand.

Learning from the Fossil Record web graphic

2000 • Learning from the Fossil Record: This reclining T. rex pondering past life was created for the Learning from the Fossil Record website and has been one of my more popular drawings, based on the number of requests we get to use it. It was also adapted for a tee shirt design.

NAPC logo

2001 • NAPC meeting: I designed this logo for the North American Paleontology Convention that UCMP hosted that year. Apart from the printed materials for the meeting, the logo was used on mugs, tee shirts, tote bags, and even wine labels.

2001 • Gomphotherium: Originally drawn for the Museums at Blackhawk back in the mid-1990s, this skull of an extinct elephant relative was printed as a three-color UCMP tee shirt.

T. rex tee shirt design

2004 • Tyrannosaurus rex 2: Never really happy with my original T. rex shirt design, in 2004 I came up with this "new and improved" version for UCMP. It is my favorite to date. I adapted it for my own purposes and used it in two beer labels for a friend's homebrewed stout.

Crinoid tee shirt design

2006 • Pellecrinus hexadactylus: We wanted to show the public that we weren't only about vertebrates so I decided to do this drawing of a crinoid from our collection of Crawfordsville crinoids. This collection was one of the museum's early acquisitions, purchased in 1883.

Triceratops tee shirt design

2007 • Triceratops: Mark Goodwin had asked that I do a reconstruction of a Triceratops skull for a paper he was submitting to the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology so we saw this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The drawing was completed, then modified to make this tee shirt design.


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