Glossary of Terms used in Foraminiferal Research
(Preliminary Version 1997)
 Lukas Hottinger and Verena Scheuring
Geological Institute, Basel University, Switzerland


     The terminology used by various authors in describing the morphological features of the foraminiferal test is far from being unified and varies greatly from case to case (compare e.g. Reiss, 1963, Hottinger, 1978, Hottinger et al., 1990, 1993, Loeblich and Tappan, 1964, 1987). The reasons for the variety of terms for the same feature are in most cases not at all formal, but due to differences of opinion with regard to the significance of features, concerning homologies and analogies, to differences in levels of accuracy, as well as due to different methods of observation (Hottinger, 1978).

    The terms listed in the following Glossary, are accompanied [in square brackets] by alternative terms used and (in round brackets) by terms considered to be synonymous, partially synonymous, unclear or for other reasons to be avoided.

    Numbers following the definitions refer to selected Plate/Figures in Hottinger et al.1993 where the respective feature is illustrated.
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