My Favorite Paleo Links   


University of California Museum of Paleontology
Portal to the collections and a primary source for paleontologic information

Understanding Evolution
Fossils clearly show that life has changed over time

Lots of basic information on & images of microfossils
from the University College of London

The Micropaleontology Project
A primary source of information vital to researchers

North American Micropaleontology Section (NAMS-SEPM)
An organization open to anyone interested in microfossils

Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research
The legacy of a pioneering micropaleontologist

The National Collection of Foraminifera
The Smithsonian's humongous “Cushman Collection”

As the name indicates, it's devoted to foraminifera

World Foraminifera Database
Part of the “World Register of Marine Species”

International Research Group on Ostracoda
For those enamored by tiny bivalved crustaceans!

Diatoms of the United States
A handy reference at the base of the freshwater food chain
from the US Geological Survey

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