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Ichthyosaur Page Title

Welcome to the wonderful world of ichthyosaurs!

  1. Introduction
    Basic knowledge of ichthyosaurs.

  2. 3 Features
    Three strange things about ichthyosaurs.

  3. Size of ichthyosaurs
    How big were they, and how much did they weigh?

  4. Diets of ichthyosaurs
    What did they eat?

  5. Swimming evolution in ichthyosaurs
    How swimming evolved in ichthyosaurs.

  6. Diving behaviors of ichthyosaurs
    Why diving behavior is likely for some ichthyosaurs.

  7. Phylogeny of ichthyosaurs
    Phylogenetic tree of better-known ichthyosaurs.

  8. Stratigraphic occurrences
    How ichthyosaurs diversified through time.

  9. Classification of ichthyosaurs
    List of valid taxa down to the generic level.

  10. Literature list
    List of publications on ichthyosaurs. Huge yet not exhaustive.

  11. Who wrote this?
    My home page.

  12. Copyright remarks


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Last updated on November 15, 2000