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Popular readings

For a popular magazine article, try this one.

Rulers of the Jurassic Seas. by Ryosuke Motani. Scientific American, December 2000, pp. 52-59. You can find the summary of the article at the Scientific American website.

Also, this book, although a decade old, is still the best book on ichthyosaurs. It is available in papaerbacks.

Dinosaurs, Spitfires, and Sea Dragons. by Chris McGowan. Harvard University Press, 1991.

A classical book on marine reptiles by Williston is available on the web. It is outdated, but still a good read.

Water Reptiles of the Past and Present. by Samuel Wendell Willistion. University of Chicago Press, 1914. It is available for free from the website of Arment Biological Press.

Scientific papers

There are so many scientific papers on ichthyosaurs. Rather than listing all of them on this page, here is a file containing an Endnote3.0 library for the ichthyosaurian literature (120 kb, zipped). You will find 870 entries in the file, but there must be some duplicate listings that I failed to delete, decreasing the actual number. The list is by no means exhaustive, and you should check for the latest publications yourself. Also, I am unable to provide photocopies of the listed articles.


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