Andrew Lee slices into a rhea bone

Andrew Lee
B.S., Geology, Purdue University, 1999
M.S., Geology, Purdue University, 2001
Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, 2007

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio University

I am interested in the major factors that influence the microstructure of bone. To understand the relative importance of phylogeny, ontogeny, environment, and mechanics on bone microstructure, I am studying the bone histology of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs independently evolved quadrupedality four times, which allows me to compare evolutionary changes in bone histology across different clades of dinosaurs. How symmetrical are the limb bone microstructures of bipedal and quadrupedal dinosaurs? Does body size or growth strategy account for any asymmetry in microstructure? Does relatedness explain asymmetry across dinosaur clades? Is there a functional advantage to that asymmetry? I am also interested in bone strain and kinematics of crocodylian locomotion. When I have free time, I get back to my Geology roots and climb rocks. Science education is also important to me. Here at Berkeley, I regularly teach undergrad courses, give paleo-tours to public school students, and worked on the Understanding Evolution website.

Please email me at or see my CV for more details.