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Education : Graduate programs

UCMP endowments for graduate student research

The UCMP has been fortunate over the years to have been supported by several generous donors who have established endowments specifically to support graduate students in their research.

Annie M. Alexander Museum of Paleontology Scholarship Fund
Terms: "To be used for the maintenance and support of a scholarship for students; research in the field and Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology. The selection of students for the scholarship to be made by the President of the University upon the recommendation of the Director of the Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology for the Vertebrate Paleontology scholarship."

The Joseph T. Gregory Fellowship
Terms: "The Fellowship will be awarded annually to a graduate student associated with UCMP working in the area of vertebrate paleontology. The fellowship is intended to support field work related to the student's thesis or dissertation research that will result in the addition of material to the museum's research collections."
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William B.N. Berry Memorial Research Fund
Terms: "To support graduate students in the UC Museum of Paleontology (UCMP). The payout will be used primarily for field work in invertebrate paleontology and the various operations pertinent to the preparation and study of specimens collected."

Remington Kellogg Research Fund
Terms: "Awards shall be made to a qualified student or students, either undergraduate or graduate, in support of their research primarily on Cetacea, but occasionally on other marine mammals. Preference shall be given to students who are working on one of the problems on a recommended list of subjects, initially in the possession of Professor Joseph Gregory, Department of Paleontology, UC Berkeley. The fund shall be administered by the Director of the Museum of Paleontology in consultation with Professor Gregory or his successor who is to be designated by him. It is the desire of the trustors that Professor Gregory make the selection of the student or students who are to receive the award."

Dorothy K. Palmer Memorial Fund
Terms: "The income from the fund is to be used for the support of an annual prize for students in Invertebrate Paleontology, Micro-paleontology and Stratigraphy."

Dr. Frank Elmer Peabody Memorial Fellowship Fund
Terms: "To provide graduate fellowships to students in the Department of Paleontology in the field of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology, with particular emphasis in the area of Reptiles."

Doris O. and Samuel P. Welles Fund
Terms: "The income to be used for research on fossil fish, amphibians, and reptiles, primarily those from the Triassic of the Pateau Province collected by the C.L. Camp and the S.P. Welles expeditions. When these fossils have been adequately described and published, the income can be applied to studies of other vertebrates at the discretion of the Director of the Museum, but emphasis is to be on lower vertebrates." This statement was later modified by Sam Welles as follows: "Income from this endowment shall be used primarily for field work on lower vertebrates, and the various operations pertinent to the preparation and study of the specimens collected. If no such work is envisioned, the income can be used for field work in other areas of vertebrate paleontology at the discretion of the Director of the Museum."
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Each year students are invited to apply for financial support through these endowments.