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PaleoBios is transitioning to an Open Access format. All manuscripts and supporting files must now be submitted via

This means that PaleoBios will now accept color images, hyperlinked text, etc.
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PaleoBios is a peer-reviewed journal produced by the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP). PaleoBios publishes scholarly articles on all paleontological topics. Anyone may submit a manuscript, and submissions from non-UCMP authors are encouraged. Submission is handled online through the University of California escholarship portal. All manuscripts are evaluated by qualified reviewers. PaleoBios also publishes abstract volumes for selected paleontological meetings held in California and will consider collections of papers from symposia on appropriate topics.

MANAGING EDITORS: Ken Finger, Mark B. Goodwin, Patricia Holroyd
PRODUCTION EDITORS: Lucy Chang, Sara J. Elshafie, Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith

Current issue

32(1), 2015 [abstracts]

Materials collected by the southern branch of the UC Africa Expedition with a report on previously unpublished Plio-Pleistocene fossil localities

Paleogene marine bivalves of the deep-water Keasey Formation in Oregon, Part III: The heteroconchs

Prodiacodon crustulum (Leptictidae, Mammalia) from the Tullock Member of the Fort Union Formation, Garfield and McCone Counties, Montana, USA

Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting: Program with Abstracts

Paleocene chimaeroid fishes (Chondrichthyes: Holocephali) from the eastern United States, including two new species of Callorhinchus

Oldest known marine turtle? A new protostegid from the Lower Cretaceous of Colombia

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Printed volumes are still available for purchase. Please send your name and address, along with a check or money order for $25 USD (made out to "UC Regents") to:

University of California Berkeley
ATTN: PaleoBios
Museum of Paleontology
1101 Valley Life Sci Bldg # 4780
Berkeley CA 94720-4780

* Please note that Volume 30 will be the last one printed as hardcopy.

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