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Information for visiting researchers

UCMP collections and facilities are available for use by qualified researchers. Loans of specimens are available to qualified researchers, and exhibit loans are available for non-commerical and educational purposes.

Collection records (accession, specimen, and locality records) are available for use and should comprise an important part of any publication involving the citation of UCMP materials. However, these data should not be released prior to publication without approval by Museum staff.

Visitors to UCMP are expected to handle specimens properly and comply with collections management policy governing collections and lab use. Proper use insures that UCMP collections will be available for future generations. Violations of these rules will result in loss of access to UCMP collections and facilities.

UCMP rules for facilities and collections use

  • All users must obtain permission before examining any collection or using laboratory areas so that Museum staff can coordinate visitors, track use of the collections, and comply with environmental health and safety requirements. See Contacts below.

  • All users must specify the collection they want to use; permission for access to one collection does not authorize use of others.

  • All users must obtain permission from a Museum Scientist before removing any specimen(s) from UCMP collections. See Contacts below.

  • If you are a UCMP faculty curator, graduate student affiliate, staff member, or director-approved UC staff, please read our collections policies for UCMP researchers for specific information on the use of UCMP collection materials.

  • If you are a researcher from an institution other than UCMP, please read our collections policies for non-UCMP researchers for specific information on the use of UCMP collection materials.


UCMP collections management, exhibit loans, and lab use: Mark Goodwin, (510) 643-9745

Invertebrate collections: Mark Goodwin, (510) 643-3254

Microfossil collections: Ken Finger, (510) 643-2559

Paleobotany collections: Diane Erwin, (510) 642-3921

Vertebrate and element collections: Patricia Holroyd, (510) 642-3733

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